The right pool liner can transform the entire look of your pool. Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a Tara Liner. We invest in only American made virgin vinyl, because it is proven to fit better and last longer. It also means the pattern and colors that capture your eye will stay bright and vivid for years to come. Our strict quality measures and experience make a Tara Liner unique, as unique as your pool. Our liners have a 20-YEAR PRORATED WARRANTY and 5-years of full replacement coverage.


Cline Pools has installed hundreds of Custom vinyl liners over the past 18 years and we GUARANTEE our liners to fit… every time!

  • We ensure the pool bottom is as smooth as possible before installing liner
  • Replace all faceplates and drain covers for a “new look”
  • Haul off old liner
  • Best warranty in industry


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Quick, Easy, and Cost Effective Upgrades

Upgrade your existing pool white light to an LED color changing bulb. It uses a fraction of the cost of energy and is very affordable. The installation is quick and easy while the liner is replaced.

Color Faceplate Package

Choose from a variety of colors of a skimmer, return, pool jets and main drain fittings to compliment your new liner replacement. This package replaces the standard "white" faceplates.

Deck Coating

The combination of a new vinyl liner and a new deck coating will transform the look of your pool…



  • 20 or 27 Mil
  • No Tile Patterns
  • Sure Step (extra texture on steps and benches)
  • Liner over step